3 Ladies 3 easy steps to recycle for Perth community.

Check out how efficient it is to use our recycle pick up and drop off service. 

3 Ladies Recycling buildings green together
Step 1

Tell us if your a house or larger building.

For homes we deliver the standard 240 litre 2 wheeled bin. For large commercial buildings and organisations we also supply 4 wheeled bins up to 1100 litres in size.


We deliver a free wheelie bin.

A bin is dropped off for your eligible recyclables. Bin liners are included along with a can crusher if you want.

3 Ladies Recycling_blue recycle bin
3 Ladies Recycling pick up and deliver

We pick up for free.

The bin contents are collected, a new liner installed, and deposited at a Container for Change depot.

We donate to reputible charities.

3 Ladies Recycling_donates to Greenpeace
3 Ladies Recycling_donates to Friends with Dignity
3 Ladies Recycling_donates to Save the Children

And best of all.

Our community effort brings around change and helps:

3 Ladies Recycling_reducing landfill

Reduce landfill.

3 Ladies Recycling helping protect the environment

Improves our land and waterways.

3 Ladies Recycling helping earth ozone layer

Saves energy and helps the environment.

It starts here, today.

Give us a call or send an email and we will set up your recycling contribution.